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AITA for blowing up at my husband at my husband for eating my daughter’s bday candy?

“My husband and I have a 12 year old daughter and an 8 year old son.

My husband is the “no” parent. For as long as I can remember he will say no in stores or sports games to the kid’s requests for snacks or toys, even if they offer to pay with their own cash.I don’t undermine my husband when we are together but when I have the kids alone, I do tend to say yes (within reason of course, and not to every single thing)

Two days ago was my daughter’s birthday. It’s her second birthday that we’ve been in lockdown and I bought her 2 boxes of her favorite candy, along with her gifts. My daughter ate some of the Swedish fish out of the first box and decided to save the rest on her dresser where her brother is too short to reach and assumed us the parents wouldn’t take any.

Well was I wrong. I awoke to my daughter crying that her dad had eaten her second box of Swedish fish and some out of the first box and only left her with a few. I checked the trash in our bedroom and confirmed my husband had eaten them.I was FURIOUS. I screamed at him that he is a grown man who can go to the store and buy whatever the f*ck he wants without anyone to tell him no.

While he always says no to our kids and the rare time she gets to eat her favorite candy, his *ss has to eat it.He said we were both making a big deal over candy. I told him it was more than just candy, that he obviously doesn’t like seeing the kids happy, and he’s a thief.

I took my kids with to my sister’s house to cool down, and bought my daughter more Swedish fish to make up for the ones that my husband stole.We’re still at my sister’s house a day later. Until my husband can truly apologize to his child, the thought of him disgusts me.


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This person made a good point: this marriage seems incredibly dysfunctional and this woman seems like she’s at the end of her rope with her husband.

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Another reader said that even though it seems like it on the surface, this story really isn’t about candy: it’s about the whole marriage.

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Another individual talked about how her own father stole food from her all the time when they were growing up, so they can relate.

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This person called the situation what it probably is: THE LAST STRAW.

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And finally, this person said that some parents really don’t even treat their kids with respect…and this sounds like a classic case of that.

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