The Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, sees an annual event that is simply magical. The Stand Up Paddleboard Witch Paddle sees witches of all sorts paddling by and bewitching spectators.

The spellbinding parade was started by Ginny Kauffman several years after she saw a similar event in California. Now her parade has hundreds of witches and warlocks trading their broomsticks for paddles and floating down the river, much to the delight of all.

Some may say witches are only up to no good, brewing up spells and cursing gentle folk, but the Witch Paddle is about charity.


None of these witches were hags. They generously brought canned goods, new socks and underwear to donate to local pantries and shelters. Yes, this coven is very lovin’.

These witches on paddleboards are really quite charming, don’t you think?