Some people just have to learn life lessons the hard way…but this time it might be a little bit different.

And you’re about to read a story from a young woman who had a confrontation with her younger sister and set her straight about how things are gonna be from now on.

But she clearly has some guilty and asked folks on Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page if she was wrong for what she said.

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AITA for telling my sister I’m not her mom and it’s not my job to keep looking after her?

“I (21f) have a sister (18f).

My parents put me in the worst position of being her keeper/caretaker when we were kids. I was expected to help her with homework, help her with friend problems, if she was in trouble with a kid they would ask me to speak to the kid or an older sibling if they had one around my age.

I was responsible for walking her to and from school on my way to school. My mom would make me late sometimes because she was running late and I wasn’t allowed to leave without her (I was in a different school to her). It was so bad when we were teenagers. I got the job of explaining periods to her, the job of looking after her when they weren’t home (and that was a pretty regular thing with them).

When I moved out I distanced myself from all of them. I didn’t want to be responsible for her anymore, and I didn’t want to end up having them push her to live with me. And she wanted everything. She wanted me to cook for her, buy clothes for her, take her places, help with homework and other school stuff. She would also want me to sit and listen to her vent all her problems.

So anyway, she moved out of our parents house and cut them out of her life and then she reaches out to me and says she needs me to help her out. She was struggling to pay rent, struggling with school, struggling to grocery shop and she wanted to move in with me or have me come over every day to help.

I told her she needs to figure stuff out for herself. She told me it was my job to help her. I said no. I said I am not her mom and it’s not my job to look after her. That it should never have been my job.

She’s p*ssed and one of my friends thinks I was too harsh since I’m the only person who ever really took care of her. They think I should at least try to get her up and running and teach her to be independent.


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This person said that neither the woman or her younger sister were *ssholes in this situation, but it was actually the parents who are to blame for this whole mess.

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This reader said that the whole story is sad and that the younger sister is not at fault here…and neither is the woman who wrote the post.

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Another person said that the younger sister might be better off learning the hard way and figuring out some things on her own instead of relying on her older sister all the time.

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But this person thinks that the younger woman is in the wrong because she still expects her sister to do everything for her.

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