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AITA for arranging child care for my “child free” wedding.

“I got married just a couple of weeks ago and I am still dealing with this c**p.

My husband and I wanted a completely child free wedding. No one under 18. But we have a lot of friends and relatives with children so we came up with what we thought was a great compromise.

We arranged for the nursing rooms and the coffee area to be available at the church for anyone under 18. And we included that on the invitations. So mom’s and infants could still watch the ceremony and older kids could stay glued to their phones without interrupting our wedding. We even fot some church ladies to be available in the coffee area to help with any minor problems.

At the reception we arranged for a room at the hall to be made available for anyone under 18 and paid for some girls from the local high school to be there as babysitters since it wouldn’t be fair to expect older kids to take care of the younger ones. There was a tv in the room and we had Pixar movies running. We also ordered pizza and pop for the whole group. Once again this was made very clear on the invitations.

But we are still dealing with people who are mad at us for doing this. My cousin is mad that her baby couldn’t be at the ceremony. Her baby is six and cannot go to McDonald’s without having a fit.

Some of the older kids were pissed that they had to get dressed up to sit in a room. Then get their pictures taken. Then sit in another room. I have heard from a couple of my neices that they are upset with me for making them get dressed up but not letting them come to the wedding or reception.

Every time that is point out that I asked everyone not to bring their kids because they weren’t going to be allowed at the ceremony or reception I get c**pped on. I feel like I was doomed either way. I tried to compromise and now I’m still being called an a**hole.”

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