Getting called out about pretty much anything is embarrassing.

And it can really be bad if someone calls you out for lying about your age.

So did this woman go too far when she called her sister out for doing this?

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AITA for telling my sister’s BF she’s lying about her age?

“I 24 f have a younger sister Maya 21. Mayas been dating this guy Rob 30 for 4 months. Rob is decent guy, my boyfriends brother knows him. He works a good paying job and owns property.

Maya the other day was bragging about him, then slips in that he thinks shes 25 and a college student. Maya looks significantly older then she is, especially with makeup.

I asked her why she would do that, and she said because Rob has this rule about dating girls under 25 so their mature, and that he’s a good guy who could take care of her. I told her that wasn’t okay and that she wasn’t being mature and had to tell the truth.

After Maya left I looked Rob up on Facebook and sent him a message basically stating I’m Mayas older sister, telling Mayas real age, that she isn’t a college student, and works at a farmers market in the town over.

Later that night Maya calls me crying and cursing calling me a huge AH and saying Rob broke up with her and it was all my fault. I don’t think I’m the AH in this situation because Rob deserves to know and not get played.”

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