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AITA for choosing my stepmom over my biological mom?

“I am 24F and I just bought a new house. My dad and stepmom contributed too for the house and it looks perfect.

My mom left me and my dad when I was 5 because my dad couldn’t earn much. A year later he remarried to my stepmom (J). She wasn’t what I thought stepmoms would be. She was kind and really talented. I don’t have other siblings or stepsister. She basically raised me as her own daughter.

She helped through everything (financially too).My biological mom (K) came for me when I was 16. I had grown a hatred for her as she abandoned me. She still was invited to events like my birthday or Christmas. She has a stepdaughter few years younger than me.

So when I bought a new house I expected my stepmom to move in with me as it was closer to the hospital she has to go every 3 months(Diabetes). Before I could move in my mom asked me how many rooms were there. I told her how many were there and she said she and her stepdaughter would move in a week later to CHOOSE the rooms.

I told her no as J was moving in with me and it caused a big argument between us. She included J and my dad and said how J brain washed me and created chaos between a mother and daughter. She yelled at me for being raised pathetically and “I gave birth to you so you owe me a lot”. Her stepdaughter called me said I was being a bi*ch for not giving her a place to stay.

J and I moved in 3 days ago but we still get calls from them telling me to kick J out or K won’t see me again. I don’t think I am but am I the AH?”

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