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AITA for demanding my ex to pay full child support?

“My (f 36) ex husband (m 38) and i divorced four years ago. He now lives half an hour’s drive away and only sees his kids (f 11 & 12) every other weekend. I’m the full time parent and provider for our kids.

A couple weeks back I got a letter requesting we re-evaluate the amount of child support he has to pay. We usually do the re-evaluation annually to make sure the payments are fair and applicable to mine and his current situations. So I wasn’t too surprised to find out, that he had requested the re-evaluation again.

However, I was very surprised to hear that according to the calculations, my ex is due to pay double the amount of child support he has paid earlier. I guess this makes sense, because he’s got a significant pay rise, while my income has decreased a bit due to my recent career change.

We also recently found out that our younger daughter has a chronic illness, that requires regular checkups and physical therapy. I take care of these, and will sometimes have to miss work so that we can make all the appointments. This affects my income too.

My ex is not too happy about the new estimate, and demands that i agree to a smaller monthly sum. I really don’t see why I should, and here’s why:

– He’s the one that wanted the re-evaluation in the first place.

– He does not contribute in any other way (doesn’t participate in kids school activities, hobbies, hasn’t been to a single doctors appointment etc.).

– Our kids deserve a comfortable standard of living, and he should also be responsible for providing it to them.

Even though I know what me and the kids are entitled to, my ex still has me wondering, AITA for demanding that he pay child support in full?”

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