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AITA for not answering my husband when he called?

“Husband is in a huge snit about this and has taken himself to the spare room over it.

Tonight was the first time since giving birth 7 months ago that I have been out at night, by which I mean I didn’t do baby’s bedtime feed and routine. I left to go to the cinema with a friend shortly before his bedtime routine would begin.

Husband used to help for the first 3 months with evenings but has since said he’s too busy/tired from work so I do it. I talked him through baby’s routine, the room temp, lighting, noise etc preferences he has and husband assured me he had everything under control.

The move barely started when I started getting calls from husband. I texted to ask him what was wrong and he said baby wasn’t sleeping. I texted him back with reminders of how baby prefers things and he said he had done it all.

I checked the baby monitor (camera covers most of the room) and could see that the room lights were on, the white noise machine was off, and he hadn’t tucked baby into his blanket. I texted him to say as much and he started calling me again despite knowing I’m in the theatre.

He texted me to come home and put baby to bed. I told him I was sure he had everything in hand and put my phone on DND. I did periodically check on baby via the monitor and he was okay once husband actually followed the sleep routine.

After the movie I saw that husband had continued to call me for like the next hour after we last spoke.

When I got home he started arguing with me for ignoring his calls and berating me because I left him alone.

I offered to show him bedtime for the last two days before going out and he didn’t want to know. AITA for ignoring his calls and not helping with baby?”

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Another individual said he is “weaponizing incompetence” to do this.

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