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AITA for no longer giving my husband updates about our son while he’s away?

“I used to send my husband updates about our son frequently since he’s often away from home.

At first, I would always text him but he asked me to call him instead as he doesn’t check his messages often. At some point in the last year, my calls started being screened by his assistant and speaking to her is frustrating.

Even when there was an emergency, she would ask me 101 questions and then the call would always end with her telling me she would speak to him and he would call me back, which never happened.

It got to the point where I just assumed he stopped caring or he was too busy so I stopped trying to keep him updated. I did speak to him about this but it never changed. If he calls me during his trip and asks, I do still give him an update but otherwise I don’t bother.

Our son had to go to the hospital while my husband was on a trip. I never contacted my husband to tell him and our son told him before I had a chance to when he got back. We had a fight over me not telling him immediately and because I wouldn’t apologise for not telling him or promise to give him updates like before.

Does this make me the a**hole?”

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