It can be hard when you’re in a relationship and someone gets a job offer in a different place.

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AITA for not letting my husband accept a job offer?

“I (f32) am a surgeon married to my husband (m34). We had a baby last March together.

My husband sat me down and told me about a job offer he received. It would be full time and would earn 50-75% more than I currently do, great benefits etc. I was ecstatic for him as it’s his dream job and I know he’d been working towards this his whole career.

For context, my husband quit his job when our baby was born. He didn’t like his job but decided to take some time off to be a SAHP while baby was young. Casually as we were discussing this, he said ‘and now you can quit and look after baby since you don’t need to work anymore’.

I was super confused why I would be quitting my job and told him I wasn’t going to quit thinking it was a joke. It got quite heated as I apparently ‘wasn’t willing to even to discuss this’ and ‘didn’t have an open mind’. I told him that I would under no circumstances quit my job and he told me that he had done the same thing for me and that he couldn’t think of any on the cons.

He argued that I should be supportive of his career that would better support our family than mine and would be better for our baby if I did this since his job would allow for us to all see each other and have a good work/life balance.

My husband asked me to quit otherwise he wouldn’t be able to have his dream job, but I refused too, AITA?”

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