If you mess with an animal in any way, you’re no friend of mine.

And people these days seem to be doing all kinds of stupid pranks not only to other human beings but to animals as well to get a few laughs on social media.

An 18-year-0ld woman asked if she was wrong for the way she reacted to what her younger sister did to her pet.

Let’s see what happened…

AITA for not allowing my sister near my bearded dragon after doing a TikTok trend with my pet?

“I(18F) have a bearded dragon named Phil who I have had for about 1 year now. Phil is deeply loved by me and my family.

My sister(15F) who I will call Jane, really likes to make TikToks of Phil which I have completely no problem with since they’re normally just videos of Phil running around or doing something silly like opening his mouth when he basks.

Yesterday my sister came up to me to show me a Tik Tok she had made of Phil. There is a trend on Tiktok of putting butter on dogs as some audio plays over it of this guy saying “butter dog”. Well Jane showed me a video of her putting some soft butter on Phil so that she could follow the trend. When I saw that I became very upset.

I had seen a video recently of someone explaining how doing this trend with bearded dragons can be dangerous cause the butter will stick to their skin and if they get put back under their basking light the butter will heat up and basically burn the bearded dragons skin.

I told Jane to delete the video and that she can’t do stuff like that with Phil and quickly got him out from under his basking light that she had put him back under after the video and started to bathe him in the tub to try and get off any of the butter she didn’t wipe off.

My sister came and told me I was overreacting and that it’s just a fun trend. It snapped at her and told her I’m not letting her near Phil until she apologizes to me and promises to not do trends like these with Phil again, and ask me every time she wants to make a video with Phil.

My sister got angry and told me she wasn’t apologizing for just wanting to have fun with Phil and that I can’t take Phil away from her. After I finished making sure all the butter was off I put him back in his tank that’s in my room and told her she’s not allowed to come in and take Phil.

My parents found out this morning and told me I was out of line for what I did and that it was just a innocent video. They told me I need to stop freaking out so much over things that involve Phil. My sister said she’s not apologizing cause she didn’t know it would hurt Phil so I should get over it and let her see Phil again.

I feel like I can’t trust her with Phil though, if she hadn’t shown me the video Phil would’ve sat in his tank getting burned under his basking light and I wouldn’t even know until it was too late.

I think I might be the *sshole cause I could be overreacting like my family say I am and for yelling at her when she didn’t know that doing the trend would hurt Phil.

So reddit, am I the *sshole here?”

What the hell…?

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This reader didn’t mince words: this was not funny and it was animal abuse.

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This person said that the woman’s sister has lost the privilege of seeing and spending time with Phil (great name, by the way) and that the safety of the pet is the most important thing.

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Another person said that while she might have been a little bit harsh with her sister, the younger sibling is acting like a child and she needs to grow up and take some responsibility for her actions.

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