I don’t know about you, but I’ve only tried to prepare mango a few times. Both times, I had to google what to do with the thing.

I guess it depends where you live, but it seems like everyone struggles just a little over what to do with a mango. That’s why a woman’s TikTok about her boyfriend’s unusual mango hack took social media by storm.

I was taught to cut a sort of grid into the mango and then peel the sin back and scrape the cubes off the skin.

But Katie Feeney’s boyfriend had a different sort of technique.

First, he sliced the mango around the middle, crosswise.

Image credit: Katie Feeney via TikTok

Next, he pried the two sides apart.

Image credit: Katie Feeney via TikTok

As Buzzfeed explained:

Then, he pops out what he calls the “lollipop” center…

Image credit: Katie Feeney via TikTok

After scooping out the inside of each half, he is left with a perfect, delicious mango, ready to eat or cook with.

Image credit: Katie Feeney via TikTok

This method totally blew my mind. Because if you’ve ever eaten a fresh mango, you know how completely frustrating the process of getting that massive seed out of the middle is.

And this guy did it like it was nothing!

A lot of viewers felt the same way.

Image credit via TikTok

They really appreciated the clever ingenuity and vowed to try it themselves.

Image credit via TikTok

Some even went so far as to describe it as life-altering.

Image credit via TikTok

Others, however, were less impressed.

Image credit via TikTok

It seems that this is a very common way of preparing a mango in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures.

Image credit via TikTok

In fact for some, it was the only way they knew how to eat a mango.

Image credit via TikTok

Isn’t it funny how something that seems completely revolutionary to one group of people can be just as mundane to the other?

Take a look at the video, and see what you think for yourself.


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Ordinary? Or extraordinary?

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