Getting called a “leech” is definitely never fun

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But did this woman deserve the insult because she’s acting like an a**hole?

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AITA? My roommate called me a leech.

“I used to work a really stressful job with hard hours and terrible coworkers. I was also supplementing my income by renting out the third bedroom in my house. The other spare was a guest room/storage. She paid/pays me 700 every month and we used to split the utilities in half.

Things got really bad at work, and I wanted to leave. I decided to clean out the guest room and rent it out. I told my roommate, and she was unhappy, because she didn’t want to share a bathroom. I pointed out her share of the utilities would go down, but she didn’t really care about that. Anyway, I rented out the room. Not long after I quit my job.

Anyway, my mortgage is 1500 a month, so right now I’m paying about $100 a month plus the rent from both girls and living off of my savings while I look for a job. My roommate noticed I’m not going into work anymore. I told her I left that job and am looking for a new one.

She said “so now you’re a professional homeowner, basically?” I disagreed with that assessment. She said I’m leeching off of her and the other girl because I don’t want to work.

I do want to work. It’s just that I need to find a new job, and since people need cheap places to stay, renting out these rooms allows me to keep paying my mortgage while I look. My roommate says I’m taking advantage of her, but she chose to move in here.

I don’t consider myself to be a leech, but she thinks I’m a selfish a**hole. Am I?”

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Another Reddit user said the tenant’s behavior is disrespectful.

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