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And this time the story revolves around a young woman who wants to know if she was out of line for using a “family parking” space…even though she doesn’t have kids…

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AITA for using a “family parking” even though I don’t have kids?

“So, I (F27) went to do some grocery shopping today and I’m still having a hard time processing what just happened.

I am childfree, but disabled. I have a small mobility disability. I am able to walk, but need a cane to support myself. I also have regular bad pain from too much walking. I do have a disability sign for my car.

So when I went shopping today, all the disabled parkings were taken. As always, mostly by people without plates. Sigh, ok. I decided to use one of those “family parking” spots instead – because I just can’t get out of or into the car a lot of times with regular sports – especially if people park way too close to the driver’s door. I didn’t feel entirely comfortable, but I thought a disabled person being in need for this spot should be understandable… I was wrong.

When I came back to my car a woman in her 40s (?) bolted at me with her kid (that was maybe like 6y old, not in a pram or anyhow) and shouted at me “you don’t look like you got children!” I was very confused but promptly figured she was upset about the parking spot.

I apologised and tried to explain myself, but she kept cutting me off. Apparently she had been to the store manager demanding my car to be towed because she saw me leaving my car without children, but the employee denied, which made her even more mad. She told me she is sick of “people like me” being entitled to “her” parking spot.

So, I’m here looking for honest feedback, AITA for using a spot for families because the disabled spots were all taken? Should I have waited for one to open up?”

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One person said she’s NTA and that the other other woman was lazy.

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And this reader said those spots are need-based, FYI.

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