If you ruin someone’s engagement, things are gonna get UGLY in a hurry.

And if that person is your sister…things are gonna get insanely ugly.

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AITA for ruining my sister’s engagement because I told her husband the truth?

“I am not close with my sister at all. I am 25F, in school, working, living on my own.

I have not talked to Kitty (28F) in seven years.

We have chatted, but it is only to make my Mom happy. It is only about tv shows and Kitty’s life. I don’t tell her anything about my own and my parents know not to share anything with her.

I have been “late” to every holiday, so that Kitty will be gone by then. I don’t have her on social media, she is MUTED on my phone, and she has never met my new partner (Kylie).

My Mom begged me to come to family dinner, because Kitty is engaged and they want to talk about the wedding. I agreed to go on the condition that Kitty call me by my preferred name. My full name is Thomasina, I go by Masie. Kitty insisted for YEARS on calling me Tom/Tommy… which I h**e with a passion.

Mom said they would have a chat and I went.

Things were going really well until we went out to the bonfire pit. Mom went inside to get dessert and Dad said he needed to hit the hay. I ended up thinking (foolishly) that maybe Kitty had matured. Brad (30M) seemed really nice.

Brad asked why I hadn’t invited Kyle to the meal, as he would love to meet him. I asked if he meant Kylie, my girlfriend. He looked really confused and said he must have misheard. When Kitty went inside to get another beer, he asked me if I had ever dated someone named Kyle.

I said no. I dated women, exclusively.

He then asked me a few more questions about my life. It became really obvious that he thought I was close with Kitty, when I was not. I was honest with him and said I had not really spoken with her in 7 years, we were not close, she is not on my social media, and I was not going to go to the wedding. My Mom had asked me to come.

I said I should probably head home. Brad asked if I lived local. I said yes. I lived down the road.

He got up, went inside, and got into a screaming match with Kitty about her lying to him. They left pretty quickly. I found out from my Mom that Brad has asked for them to go to therapy, that he thinks Kitty is a liar or cheating.


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