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AITA for telling my father it’s none of his d**n business if I want to lie in bed the entire weekend?

“I (26’F) work full time Mon-Friday and pay all the bills for my own apartment. I enjoy spending my entire weekend lying in bed watching Netflix, scrolling Tiktok, or just napping.

I absolutely admit this isn’t a very ‘productive’ way to spend my time, however my bills are paid, my apartment is tidy and I have no outstanding errands, therefore it’s harming no one if I choose to stay in bed.

My father rang me this afternoon on WhatsApp and saw that I was still lying in bed, in my pyjamas at 4pm. He started making little digs saying ‘good evening’ and asking me ‘what I’ve done all day’.

I told him absolutely nothing, to which he said it was ‘ridiculous’ that I felt it was acceptable to ‘laze about in bed all day’ to which I responded that it is none of his d**n business if I want to lie in bed all weekend and abruptly ended the call.

I feel I’m in the right but my aunt and best friend seems to think I’m the AH

Am I the a**hole Reddit?”

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