A few days ago, a woman went to her local store after work. What she saw when she got there compelled her to write a plea on the website Love What Matters for others to think of their elderly neighbors before buying more than necessary.

She writes,

“Today I cried.

Not because I’m stressed out. Not because I’m angry. Not because I’m scared.

I cried because of a 92-year-old man.”

She describes how she decided to go to a nearby Target store because she had a few minutes to kill between work and a business function. When she got there she noticed people were grabbing the cleaning products, paper products, and much of the food.

People around me weren’t browsing the Joanna Gaines merchandise or the newly set outdoor patio furniture. It took me a few minutes but at that moment, I realized the world is different. Maybe it’s only for right now and maybe it’s forever.

But it’s different.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

She saw a senior looking very confused and sad as he stared at the empty shelves. She asked him if he needed help.

He looked at me, tear in his eye.

“I just need some toilet paper. I’m down to my last roll at home and I need about four or six to last me the month. This is my third store today.”

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He couldn’t understand why people were buying all the toilet paper. Even during his toughest times, he was able to buy this basic necessity. She explained about the panic over coronavirus and that people were buying all the toilet paper, hand santizers and cleaners they could find.

Then, he said something she’ll never forget.

I’ve never heard of a run on toilet paper. I was 2 when the Great Depression hit. Those were tough times, but we all helped each through those times. Hoarding things we didn’t need wasn’t an option.

I heard it was happening elsewhere but didn’t think it would happen here. I’m disappointed with all these people.

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She said she wasn’t sure what to do next. Perhaps offer some of the toilet paper from her office? But another customer overhead them talking and mentioned she had some in her car.

The problem, the writer realized, is that we’ve become a society of people only thinking of ourselves.

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This is not the worst of times we’ll ever see. The world goes on with or without us and it doesn’t matter if we have one roll of toilet paper or dozens.

Forget about politics.
Forget about the media.
Forget about the 75 rolls of toilet paper you think you need.

She asked readers to think about our elderly neighbors and how they also need to live. Read the whole story on Love What Matters.

Even in the midst of what we think is the end, there’s still tomorrow. We can always make that day better than today.