Just when you think it’s safe to go to a police station for help, the unexpected happens…

That’s what happened to a woman named Colleen who went to a police department to pick up her lost phone and she ended up being charged with a felony.

She didn’t go into detail in her TikTok video and only gave the basics of the situation.

@collcro Not a good day #ByeByeSundayBlues #ImoniCarly ♬ Happy frog has a mango on a fork – xsuyuu

In the video’s comments, Colleen said she couldn’t figure out why she was charged with a felony, but the story went viral and other people talked about what might have happened.

This person shared one example of how someone was charged for violating probation after a mishap…so it’s possible Colleen had a warrant and didn’t even know it.

Other commenters theorized that perhaps the police saw something on her phone that incriminated her and decided to charge her but someone was quick to point this out.

And another person offered a suggestion.

One commenter added, “She probably didn’t even know because it was for something like a ticket she was never informed of or forgot.”

Hmmmm, I guess we’ll have to wait for Colleen to post an update video so we can get the whole story.

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