If you’ve ever been to a bad wedding, you’ll feel a lot better after reading this. From no food to the bride’s parents disappearing, let’s just say Betty had the worst wedding experience ever.

Her future sister-in-law, Bea, wanted a destination wedding. Only the trip and subsequent wedding wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

Here’s the story…

Today is the One Year Anniversary of the Worst Wedding I’ve Ever Attended (x-post r/wedding)
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Betty’s problems began when Bea was strangely vague about the wedding location and which hotel would be best to stay at. She ultimately booked a hotel but still didn’t have many important details about the wedding.

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In fact, Bea hadn’t told her anything about the rehearsal dinner, picture times, or even where the actual wedding would take place. It wasn’t just Betty who got left in the dark. Even Bea’s bridesmaids had no clue about the details of the wedding.

Ellie was also taking on more of the planning than she should have been responsible for, said Betty. “She tells me she is desperately trying to get Bea to plan things so people know what to do or what is expected of them but can’t hammer down any answers. I tell her not to worry about it, and to let me know if I can help with anything. Ellie is not the maid of honor, although in the end she did most of the planning and communicating and taking care of the bride.”

By the time the wedding arrived, there had been no rehearsal dinner. When Bea finally met with Betty and her husband Alex, she shockingly ripped Betty for not booking a condo in the same place as the rest of the wedding party. Communication seems to be a problem here, right?

That continued on the morning of the wedding when Bea called Alex during breakfast and said they were leaving for pictures in 30 minutes.

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Later on, after rushing to change their clothes, Betty made it to the wedding venue on her own. What ensued turned out to be disastrous.

Alex and Bea’s parents arrived only just before the ceremony started, and the reception afterwards has to rank as the worst of all time. The private room had no alcohol or bartender. Instead, there was just a pitcher of water and a depressing wedding cake. There wasn’t even food.

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After scarfing down cake, a guest fired up a playlist from his phone. That’s right, folks. The DJ at this all-time disaster of a wedding turned out to be two speakers from a mobile phone. To top it off, Betty reported that Alex and Bea got divorced two months later.

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