Never underestimate the power of love. That’s the lesson Mary Daniel just taught everyone.

With her husband, Steve, living in a nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mary had to settle for visiting him at his window for months.

In fact, the couple spent 114 days apart before Mary made an incredibly creative career move in order to be reunited with her husband.

The 57-year-old Jacksonville resident eschewed the nursing home’s visitation restrictions by taking a job as a dishwasher at the facility.

After she reached out to the Rosecastle at Deerwood nursing home, Mary only received a “wait to see what happens” response. Fortunately for Mary, her story aired on First Coast News, which led to the corporate office giving her the call back she desperately wanted.

Mary told Today.

“Then, out of the blue two weeks ago, they called and said, ‘Do you want a job?’

When I found out it was as a dishwasher, I thought, ‘Well, okay! I guess I’m a dishwasher now.”

Kelley Withrow, executive director for the facility, said the following…

“Mary has been a part of our Deerwood family since her husband, Steve, moved into our community, but we are proud to welcome her onto our team. Visitor restrictions have been put in place at communities across our state as a safety measure, aimed at protecting the vulnerable population we serve.

But it has been hard on families and residents alike, so we felt creative solutions were necessary, especially in the case of Mary and Steve. We are happy to report that Mary is off to a great start in her new role, and we are excited to see the positive changes in Steve’s demeanor as well.”


Mary  now works 90-minute shifts twice a week. And after each shift, she spends time with her husband and helps him get ready for bed.

Ultimately, Mary proved that she was willing to do anything to be reunited with her husband. The power of love will always shine through no matter what barriers that may exist.

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