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AITA for wanting my boyfriend to come support me at the hospital and then being upset that he didn’t?

“I (26f) am currently almost 15 weeks pregnant.

Just under three weeks ago I started bleeding fairly heavily while at work and had to go to the ER. I drove myself and called my (24m) boyfriend over and over on the drive to the hospital. It took about 7 calls before he answered because he was playing a video game with his friends.

I asked if I could pick him up because our apartment is on the way, but he told me to go straight to the hospital so I did.

Once I got there I had to stay for a few hours. Our boss (we work at the same place) was worried and called me to check on me and asked if he wanted her to go pick him up and bring him to me.

I called him and asked and he said no because he didn’t want to make her do that. I told him she was offering but he still said no. He stayed on the phone with me for a little bit, but was still playing with his friends and was pretty distracted.

My phone ended up dying, and I spent the last two hours there alone, terrified I was losing my baby, and being told to stop crying by the nurses because I was going to stress baby out. When they finally discharged me I had to drive myself home.

When I got home I told him I was upset that he left me alone with no support like that. He argued that he didn’t have a way there. I reminded him about our boss offering and that’s when he told me that I was ignoring his fear of hospitals and doctors and it was unfair that I expected him to just get over it to come sit with me. He said that next time he sees a big spider he’s going to push me to it and tell me to get over it.

Part of me thinks he should have been there for me and our child, but part of me feels like maybe he’s right and I was being inconsiderate of his feelings.


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