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AITA for calling out my aunt on Facebook, who was saying that “they’re cancelling family” to explain the truth?

“I’m a 28 year old woman and when I was a kid, my parents always hosted the family Christmas Eve party.

This year, my dad was recovering from a surgery, so I offered to host at my new house, which I share with my girlfriend.

When I was planning the party, I at first didn’t really know what to do about my aunt Marie. She’s always been pretty homophobic, she’d always be talking s**t about “the gays” when I was a kid before she knew.

When I came out in my 20s she becaume really frosty to me and basically stopped talking to me.

So when I was planning the Christmas party, there was no way I was exclusing my girlfriend who’s estranged from her own family, or putting her in a situation she has to face more bigotry.

I also didn’t really want to have my aunt over for my own sake, like I’m more used to it but it still makes stuff tense. And it was my own d**n house. So I ended up inviting all the family except my aunt.

My dad angrily confronted me about it, and I basically told him that I know he never allows someone who’d disrespects him or his wife into his home.

Now I’m not a kid anymore – I’m as old as he was when he became a parent, I own my own home, and I’m going to be handling my household the way he raised me to, with respect for myself and my partner.

He actually apologized for putting me in an uncomfortable spot when I was young. He planned a Christmas Day dinner with her and their other siblings.

The Christmas eve party itself was lovely.

Well, on Christmas day, my aunt posted this lengthy rant about how young people are “cancelling Christmas” and about her “woke” niece. It was super long and super out of touch, like there’s no big conspiracy to cancel family or whatever, I just personally didn’t want her there.

I replied “I assume this is about me not inviting you to the Christmas Eve party? Honestly, the holidays weren’t cancelled, I just didn’t invite you personally, as you have expressed h**eful views towards me such as (i wrote a long bulleted list that is taking this way over the word limit here but some of the stuff on it was stuff like being glad aids kiled a lot of (f slur))

I said “Anyway, since I’m a lesbian and I share my home with my girlfriend, I specifically uninvited you due to your behavior towards me in the past. Nobody’s cancelling the holidays, just you 🙂

It’s not some new woke trend either, a host choosing to only invite guests who respect them and their household has existed for as long as parties have existed.

Well that blew the hell up, my family all started calling me and texting me and saying I went to far, it was enough to just not extend an invite but it was too much for writing a massive list of like 20 years of greivances.

Some of my family was even saying it was s**tty of me to list homophobic stuff she said before she knew I was gay??

AITA for the Facebook comment I made?”

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