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AITA for ‘choosing’ my son over my stepdaughter?

“I (f32) have been married to ‘Mark’ (m36) for 6 years. Mark had a child ‘Sara’ (f12) with ‘Ali’ (ex-girlfriend) who is starting high school next year, meaning she needs a computer for school. We also have a child together ‘Alex’ (m5).

The issue arose last week when my husband asked me to contribute 1/3 of the cost for Saras computer, saying it could be a Christmas present from all of us. Sara wants a MacBook and they decided on the latest MacBook Pro, over $2000 after AppleCare, accessories etc, with my share totalling at least $700.

I make significantly less than my husband and before this year, we would stick to a budget and half the costs together. This year the budget I scheduled was $200 per kid (I typically handle all Christmas shopping but run everything past Mark).

I told Mark that was double what we spend each Christmas and I wasn’t aware until now that I was expected to chip in the costs. I said If I’d had time to save I might’ve but on short notice it wasn’t possible, and suggested we look at cheaper options which was quickly shot down. I told him that I could contribute $200 from my savings but no more as we still had the buy presents for Alex.

This wasn’t received well by Sara, Ali, or Mark and they said I was selfish for not helping out, and Sara was devastated as she took this as me favouring Alex over her and not liking/wanting her.

Their suggestion was that I don’t spend much money on Alex and give the money to Sara instead but I refused, since I didn’t consider that fair to Alex and didn’t want him upset that he didn’t get any/many presents for Christmas.

This has had a severe impact on my relationship with Sara and Ali, and Mark thinks I should do this to ‘prove’ my love for Sara. Sara has 3 people contributing to presents while Alex only has 2 so Sara typically gets more presents anyway, but we always keep things fair anyway.”

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