If you really want to wear a cape, you should wear a cape, right?

Let your freak flag fly!

But I guess not everyone is on board with that look, huh?

Check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and let us know if you think this woman is wrong for embarrassing her brother with her choice of attire.

AITA for “embarrassing” my brother by wearing a cape?

“I (33f) own a cape.

It’s a gorgeous colour, has beautiful trim detail, and even has pockets. When I was getting ready to go out this morning, I chose to wear it instead of one of my coats or jackets. Over a shiny, textured ankle length skirt and a sparkly long sleeve top, because I felt like dressing up a bit.

We popped home briefly to check what was in the freezer before going to the supermarket. I noticed that there was an empty bottle of mouthwash in the bathroom and asked my brother (30) if he needed more, and then if there was anything else he needed.

“Errrr… I’ll get dressed and come with you.”

It was only once he was dressed that he realised I was wearing my cape. He grumbled about it. Then when we got to the first shop on our excursion, he told me to stay away from him. He didn’t want to be seen with me.

We’re sat in the car now and he’s plainly annoyed that I didn’t change before coming back out. And while mum’s spare jacket is in the car next to me, I have no intention of swapping my purple cape for an oversized grey fleece.

AITA for dressing in non-conventional clothing when I know my brother is embarrassed by it?”

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