Wedding dresses are such a racket. They cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, and yet, you only wear them once, often for just a few hours. Then, they go in a box or on a hanger for … forever.

Well, some brave (and possibly very bored) women are hoping to change all that with a new TikTok challenge. They’re pulling their wedding dresses out of storage, putting them on during a random day of the week, then surprising their husbands and filming their reactions.

The results are pretty heartwarming and funny:


Surprised my husband by putting on my wedding dress 🧡 @trev_williams #weddingdresschallenge #vintage #aesthetic #DoTheScotts #xyzbca

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James & His Orchestra with Helen Forrest

Check out the smile on this hubby when he sees his bride:


His reaction😍 #weddingdresschallenge #couplelove #marriedcouple

♬ Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

This same gal also put on her reception dress and got an even bigger reaction:


Part 2! Nearly killed my husband in the process😂♥️ #weddingdresschallenge #marriedcouple #weddingdress #surprise

♬ Cuz I Love You – Lizzo

A few were just pleasantly shocked when their wives presented them in these big white gowns:


In some videos, you can see how the happiness of the wedding day progressed into happy families, complete with babies!


“Oh hi!”

OK, now that is truly adorable:


The dress wasn’t totally on as it took forever to lace up. Such a sweet reaction. Please excuse my hideous laugh #weddingdresschallenge

♬ Perfect – Ed Sheeran

His little giggle really gets us:


Wedding dress challenge! ❤️ #fyp #foryoupage #freezeframe #levelup #weddingdresschallenge #weddingdress @mr_lister29

♬ Yours – Wedding Edition – Russell Dickerson

Awww, and this guy cried after the video stopped, according to the caption:


#weddingdresschallenge #husbandandwife #ownthecurve wedding@dustinvanderploeg

♬ Marry You – Countdown Singers

Now, we just have to wonder how all the ladies or other partners would react in a similar situation if their spouse put on their wedding outfit once again! Maybe we can start a #tuxedochallenge to accompany this one, too?

Ladies, would you ever put your wedding dress back on? Do you ever wish you had chosen a different style or spent less money on your dress?

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