Ladies…you’re about to get totally infuriated.

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation before where someone acted like you were invisible and then went straight to talking to your husband or boyfriend because THEY’RE A MAN, right?

Women took to AskReddit to share their stories about this phenomenon. Let’s take a look…

1. Let’s go somewhere else.

“I was buying a new sports car.

My husband and I walk into the dealership and the sales guy walks up holding his hand out to shake my husband’s hand and asks how he can help.

Fine. No biggie. My husband says “she’s buying, not me”. Sales guy glances at me and says to my husband “Well, it’s not just her decision, right?”.

We left and I bought my new sports car elsewhere. F*cking *sshole.”

2. Ugh!

“I have a chronic pain disease that runs in the family.

I noticed that my father and male relatives had no problems securing pain meds, but that my doctors would never give me any, despite clearly indicating how much pain I was in.

So I started bringing either my father or my husband to my medical appointments (which is hugely intrusive), would have them repeat how much pain I was in, and low and behold suddenly I get pain medication.”

3. That’s weird.

“When I had my appendix taken out, I asked my doctor when s*x would be OK again.

He turned to my husband and said whenever you feel ready, you can begin s*xual relations again. I don’t know if he was uncomfortable talking to me about it, or was deferring to what my husband would prefer.

Either way, it was strange.”

4. Issues.

“I have issues constantly when going out to eat with my boyfriend. They always put the bill down directly in front of him no matter what.

Even when I reach across the table to grab it and put my card in, they almost always put the check back down in front of him after swiping the card.

They will often turn to him and thank him or tell him to have a great evening or which copy to sign. It’s infuriating.”

5. Really?

“Trying to collect a parcel from the post office that was addressed to both me and my husband.

Was told that my husband had to come to collect it. I asked whether they meant both of us had to be there and the response was no just him.

Needless to say I was not happy and after a while arguing they gave me the parcel.”

6. Thank you for your service.

“I’m an army veteran.

My debit card is with a military affiliated bank. Every time I pay for dinner at a restaurant they bring it back, set it in front of my husband and say “thank you for your service.” My husband was never in the military. The card has my name on it, and sometimes they even watched me pull it out of my bag!

I have also been by myself somewhere, paid for something with the card, and had the person see the card, look at me and say “oh, was your husband or dad in the military?”

Ummmmmm, no, no they were not. I was. Thank you.”

7. Listen, I know my cars.

“Needed a new car and went by myself to check some places out.

Was patently ignored despite being seen by more than one salesman. Had to take my husband with me, whom they did talk to.

I took auto mechanics for 2 years, my husband knows nothing.”

8. Don’t come back!

“We wanted a fence around our house.

I have always worked from home, and my husband has always worked in a field where he cannot take time to meet with contractors, etc. He and I agree on terms up front and then I make decisions from there. It doesn’t matter in life, but for this story it does: I make more than my husband.

A man came over to give an estimate during a workday. I was ready to sign the papers and he said, “I’d rather talk to your husband about the numbers and get his signature since he will be the one paying for it”.

I asked him to leave my property and never come back.”

9. I can pay for that.

“All the time, every time we go out, to eat or shop. Restaurants, car dealerships, stores.

Even when the items are obviously mine – like the shoes I bought today, the salesman went to the counter and stood around waiting for my husband, who was at the back of the store, to ring the items up, while I’m standing right in front of him. I had to tell him that I’m paying for my own d*mn shoes!

And even when I pay they hand the card or change and receipt to my husband who just stares at them with exasperation while he hands it over to me.”

10. Infuriating.

“Auto repair. Happens a lot

. One time I described the problem to the guy at the desk as a clicking when I turned the key and asked it they’d check the timing belt. They said I’d have to leave it so my husband arrived ten minutes later to pick me up. The mechanic came out and asked him what was going on with the car, never looking at me.

I finally asked if he’d checked the timing belts as I’d asked the guy at the desk to do. He had not. Gotta say mad turned to cocky when it turned out to be the timing belt.”

11. Oh my…

“I’m a female business owner with a male business partner.

I’ve had a few customers born in the dark ages and reps that ask to “speak to my boss” but the worst was a guy who snapped his fingers and told me to “put the kettle on girly”.

Needless to say he didn’t get his cuppa and he certainly didn’t get the discount he asked for.”

12. There’s a guy!

“A guy friend I happened to have around when a joiner came to fix something in MY home.

I welcomed the joiner in, started talking to him about the issue, then he saw my friend and did a 180° to talk to him.

He literally turned his back on me while I was mid-sentence. In MY home.”

13. You’re hysterical!

“When I was a baby for some reason I wouldn’t “latch on” when my mother breast fed me, so I wasn’t eating well.

The doctor completely ignored my mom and only talked to my dad because she was “too hysterical”…

He was on the verge of finding out what that looked like…”

Ladies, have you had any experiences like this?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments.

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