Working 40+ hours a week is difficult.  The stress to maintain projects and meet deadlines can seriously damper the home life. Add children to the mix and you have two full time jobs on your hands!

Jobs demand a lot of our time and energy. The work doesn’t stop while our kids are needing help with homework and bedtime. But what if you were asked to take 10% less while still clocking in 40 hours? Would you do it?

Shanee Moret, a healthcare marketing consultant, shared a real life story about her friend that had this scenario. Recently coming back from maternity, her employer offered her 10% less to work from home. Moret goes on to say her friend took the offer in a heartbeat.

Moret took to Linkedin to gather more responses.

Was it a good offer or not?

“My friend just returned to work from maternity leave. Her employer offered to let her work from home. With a 10% pay cut.

She didn’t even think twice.

Then I asked ten of my friends this question…”If your employer offered you a 10% pay cut to work from home, would you take it?”

Eight of them said “Yes” instantly.

As times progress, what people want is freedom. Money means nothing without the freedom to live your life.


Racking up almost 250K views and 900 comments, her post garnered mostly a “thumbs up” to the idea.

This mom misses everything, so she’s totally on board!

Yeah, what about all the traffic and road rage? Sign me up!

See, there is a cost savings to this as well!

Life goals, right here.

On the other side of the coin, there was a noticeable “thumbs down”.


Separate spaces are a plus too!

This guy’s got a great point.

Both sides bring up good fodder and the beauty in this topic is that people can consider their personal gains. If you’re not paying for childcare, or gas bills for transportation this could work. Although, the childcare thing might be a sticking point. You can’t very well get the job done with toddlers begging for attention.

What do you think? Is a 10% pay cut for the same output of work worth it?