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You got this.

“I have IBS, and this is still a no brainer. $1000/day, $365,000 a year? A cool million every three years?

You can live (almost) wherever you want. Just pick somewhere with a public washroom handy. Invest in the business, pay for a washroom renovation for them, provide a monthly tip to whoever works night shifts to keep the washroom really clean.

I worked in a gas station. If some customer paid me, say, $250 a month under the table just to keep the washroom extra clean, I’d have kept that thing spotless.

Thing is, $1000/day gives you a LOT of resources to trivialize this.”

An expert in your field.

“$365,000 salary to just s**t in a public toilet? I’m going to be damn good at my job.

I’m basically going to make that money to just find the cleanest most solitude public toilet in my area.”

It’s complicated.

“This isn’t a no-brainer for me.

I have stomach issues once a week if not more and often at night.

Most of the time, people can hold  it for a while, but when you can’t, you really can’t.”

No problem at all.

“Yes, because my job is now sh**ting in public restrooms and I am incredibly well-paid so I am going to do it well.”

Here’s the plan.

“For that money I will clean the toilet before AND after using it too.

Not sure how much 30k a month is for people in good countries, but for someone like me in Argentina, that’s approximately a new townhouse every two months.

A year and a half of that “job” and I would get financial freedom from renting those.”

All in.

“Current: Spend 8-10 hours of your life each week day so a company can pay you as little as they have to just so you maybe get some relaxing free time once you’ve finished any chores you’ve had to neglect during the week

Scenario: Live in the top 5% of income and spend 15 minutes each day using a public toilet.”

Everyone is welcome.

“Hell yes I’ll take that deal.

In fact you can make it a glass public restroom and y’all can come watch, besides if it can be any public restroom I know a few stores that have some really really clean ones, not to mention because of healthy issues I only poop two or so times a week so let’s do this..”


“I’m not gonna lie actually sh**ting in a public restroom is fine, what’s deterring me is having to drive somewhere every time I have to take a s**t.

I’d probably still do it…”

Keep it classy.

“On $365,000 a year I’m pretty sure the public restrooms I’ll be using will be very nice.

Or I’ll just walk into expensive hotel lobbies.”

Always be prepared.

“Time to make a “poop ahead” plan. Map out which toilets are ideal, and have that “Break glass in case of emergency” plan available as well.

I live a little bit rurally though so the literal closest public toilet is about 5-10 minute drive away so if I got a real poop-mergency we’re needing a lot of forethought to get to a safe location.

That’s gonna be rough. especially if its later at nice and places are closed I’m stuck with hospitals or convenience stores. Yuuuuuuuck.”

One question…

“365k per year to walk to the local cafe or supermarket? Yes.

My only question is what happens if there’s a weird night poop.

The latest place open around here closes at 11 pm.”

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