There was something really surreal about growing up around the turn of the century – the turn of the millennium.

The future felt like it was just rushing at you as fast as it could. The year 2000 just felt so advanced, like it was a gateway into a wildly different era.

And in retrospect, it really kind of was.

Obviously things change from decade to decade in every lifetime, though I think there actually was a unique shift that happened right around that time. And remembering it, as Twitter is want to do, is an absolute trip.

10. Slide of your life

I think from a hygiene perspective water parks have been forever ruined for me.


9. Early internet video

Yeah ok that’s all well and good but where’s Homestar Runner?

8. The VHS era

Before these bad boys, if you wanted to watch a movie at home you just had to hope and pray that one of the three channels you got would air it sometime and you wouldn’t be busy when it came on.

7. The style

Saturated and attention-grabbing.


6. Bring it On

Or is this one of the many imitator movies that followed?

5. Sun Drop

None of this fashion really looks out of place now though.

4. Cartoon Network

This was mind blowing.

3. Justice for mall

It’s like a unicorn vomited.

2. Guy Code

I feel like this maybe wouldn’t hold up now, actually.

1. Only on Disney

*Cue the magic wand thing.*

I’m now going to drift away on a cloud of memories.

What are you most nostalgic for these days?

Tell us in the comments.