I understand that we should all do whatever we can to help out our family members, but everyone has their limits.

And a young woman shared a story on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page asking if she was wrong for refusing to house her sister and her family.

Here’s what happened…

AITA for refusing to house my sister and her family while they are struggling?

“I (24f) live alone. My sister is married to her husband and they have two kids. They are now homeless and staying in a shelter.

My sister asked if they could move in with me until they get back on their feet. I said no. That I don’t want her husband living here. My reason is this: he does not keep a job. She’s been married to him for 7 years and he goes through about a job every 4/5 months. Sometimes he lasts a month or less.

He’s worked fast food, hotel, janitor, shelf packer, plumber for a big corp. He got fired from one job for cursing at his boss. But most he just walked out of because he got “bored” or he didn’t like how they treated him but he never has anything lined up.

If they move in with me I fear I will be stuck with them forever and will get no money from them toward bills once he quits yet another job. I told my sister she and the kids could come stay but she said no, he’s part of the package deal.


Wow, that’s a tough one…here’s what Reddit users had to say…

This reader said that this woman is not obligated to bend over backwards for them, even though they are family.

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Another person said that these types of folks always like to take a mile if you give them an inch.

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This individual argued that these people would likely take over the whole house and would be a major headache if she allowed them to move in.

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And finally, this reader shared a personal story about just how out of control these kinds of situations can get.

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