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AITA for telling my mom its her fault I live in a cave?

“So my (18 f) mom has been charging me “market rate” rent since I started working at 16, and I was left with travel money and just about had food money left.

I got a pay raise recently, earning pretty much double what I was previously and she tried to up my rent even further. When I refused she kicked me out. This was the end of July and I’m just now kind of back on my feet.

Recently I moved into an apartment and my rent is quite high and because it was furnished I have a slight bit of wiggle room to start buying the essentials. I’ve started with stuff I just need.

I still haven’t gotten around to buying real plates or cutlery because i haven’t been able to so I’ve been eating off plastic. I also have 1 lightbulb and I just take it from room to room.

So my mom asked if she could come over and talk yesterday and I agreed to it. She came over and the first thing she did was complain about how bare and dark it was.

It was bright when she first came so I was using the natural light. She eventually decided to order us food and when it came she asked where the forks were. She got them and got realllllly angry that they were plastic.

She went off at me, saying I can’t afford this place since its like I’m living in a cave and that i should find something cheaper.

I told her if she wasn’t charging me more than what I’m paying here I would have savings that didn’t all go on an emergency deposit and maybe then I’d have lightbulbs and stainless steel forks. She thinks I’m being an a** for back chatting.


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