Do you own a cute and cuddly guinea pig and always are envious that other pet owners get all the fun playing dress-up?

Well, PetSmart has you covered this Halloween season. They rolled out a variety of little costumes, perfect for your little piggy.

Is your guinea pig a diva? Or maybe wants to be a Disney Princess, like Ariel? Honestly, it doesn’t matter because you just need to prepare yourself for this over-abundance of cute overload!

Absolutely magic!

Photo Credit: PetSmart

OMFG! You mermaid!

Photo Credit: PetSmart

For the Halloween traditionalists, you’ve got options!

Photo Credit: PetSmart

This wins ALL the things! Because magic!

Photo Credit: PetSmart

And for the next Superhero movie night in your house, your little baby can enjoy in style.

Photo Credit: PetSmart

If you think you’re alone in this awesome trend, think again! The community of Guinea Pig moms is cheering.

Because sharks and ponchos!

And because guinea pigs!

So go out and grab up these costumes! I’m sure they won’t be available long!