Have you ever heard the Watchmaker argument? Basically it goes like this: if you were walking along the beach and you found an intricate pocket watch, you wouldn’t assume it had just been formed randomly out of waves and sand or whatever, you’d know that a person had to have designed it. When you look around at the world it looks pretty complicated too, so someone must have designed that as well.

It’s a kind of philosophical argument that can lead to endless debate, but the reason I bring it up here is that while scrolling the cursed images on @uglydesign on Instagram, I see things that clearly had to have been designed by humans, and yet are so baffling that it’s more tempting to believing they WERE some kind of accident?

I don’t know. Scroll on, you’ll see what I mean.

10. The measuring stick

For when you done got tired a’her always claimin’ youse exageratin’.


9. This terrifying bathroom floor

You were probably going for whimsical, but it looks like there’s someone dying in here.


8. This coffin door

“How are the neighbors?”
“Oh, they’re dead quiet.”


7. The whicker toilet

I feel like if I don’t scroll past this fast enough I might see a disaster.


6. This three wheel circus

I don’t know if you’ve got the mechanics of this quite right, friend.


5. This couch with toes

I’m the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been.


4. This sleeping bag sock

And why are you on the kitchen floor? I have so many questions.


3. This seal table

It does not get my seal of approval.


2. This torture bike

Reminds me of that thing from South Park.


1. These extreme steak knives

My god man, how tough are you cooking those things?


I just. I can’t. I won’t. I don’t understand.

Would you actually consider buying any of these? Which ones and why?

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