Did someone out there say that kids have no idea what’s going on?

Not me!

I’ve always said that kids are constantly plotting, scheming, planning…you just can’t trust them, okay?

And today we’re going to see some tweets about kids outsmarting adults.

Take a look!

1. Hey o!

There’s always one kid like this…

2. That’s good stuff!

I like this kid.

3. Sorry about that.

Not again!

4. What a smart aleck.

Keep an eye on him…

5. You’re grounded.

But that was funny.

6. This is good.

Your kid is a genius!

7. How much?

Any takers?

Yup, shit happens
byu/Grimski_The_Reaper inmadlads

8. Good point.

Got you there…

9. You lied to me!

Smart kid…

10. She’s been watching a lot of crime shows.

Might be time for a change of pace.

Do your kids ever do stuff like this?

Share some good stories with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!