You’re gonna get your mouth washed out with soap!

I don’t know if your parents ever told you that when you were growing up, but I heard it at least a few times when I let a curse word drop unexpectedly.

But maybe they don’t do that anymore…

Either way, we’re about to enjoy some funny posts about kids and their filthy mouths.

Let’s go!

1. I heard that!

Can’t hide anything from them.

2. Ignore the child.

Sorry about that…

3. Don’t say that!

At least no in public…

4. Okay, daddy!

You asked for it.

5. Pretty frustrated.

Hey, it happens.

6. I learned it from watching you!

No doubt about it.

7. You were mortified.

Uh oh…

8. Yes, of course.

That’s a relief.

9. Getting judged.

It is what it is.

10. I love it!

Smart kid!

Have your kids ever blurted out some curse words?

Share some funny stories with us in the comments.

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