Those cats are always getting into mischief, aren’t they…?

Causing trouble, breaking things, hiding so you think they’ve run away forever…

They’re little devils, I tell ya!

And these tweets are about cats that are nothing but HOOLIGANS.

Take a look…

1. It’ll be fun, they said…

Having fun yet?

2. There she goes.


3. Don’t eat that!

Too late now.

4. What’s in there?

A whole loaf?!?!

5. Close call.

They have no idea, do they?

6. I’ll wait for you…

Are you done yet?

7. That is intense.

Don’t do that!

8. Feral cats.

Up to no good.

9. Discovered the tunnels.

Pretty clever…

10. He was trouble.

Big time…

Has your cat been causing trouble lately?

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