We all know moms and dads out there are doing their best each and every day.

But sometimes they don’t get that recognition as much as they should.

And we’re gonna change that today!

Enjoy these funny tweets about the moms and dads out there!

1. Let’s pretend.

Sounds like fun!

2. Great kid!

Raising them the right way.

3. That’s disgusting.

I think I’m gonna be sick.

4. No sweat!

You got this down.

5. Not working out like you thought it would…

There’s still time.

6. Uh oh…

That’s not good!

7. Putting on a front.

You fooled them!

8. More for you.

Not that bad!

9. No in between.

What is your kid like?

10. You needed to know that.

It couldn’t wait.

Are your kids behaving these days or are they up to no good?

Spill your guts to us in the comments!

Thanks a lot!