Don’t you love it when people keep it real?

And don’t you love it when MOMS keep it real?

You better believe it!

So go ahead and treat yourself to some funny tweets from moms who are just telling it like it is.

1. They’ll never get out alive.

The best defense!

2. You have an evil child.

We’ll pray for you.

3. Kids are gross.

How adorable!

4. Hey o!

Hope it goes well.

5. Who do these belong to?

Not adding up.

6. Yes, you do.

But they don’t need to know that.

7. This is great!

All parents should do this.

8. Good for you!

Parenting 101.

9. Let me clarify.

What she meant to say was…

10. Gee, thanks…

No privacy ever again.

Now we want to hear from some moms out there.

Are your kids driving you up the wall these days?

Or is everything all quiet on the homefront?

Talk to us in the comments and give us an update!