There are plenty of books out there about marriage – too many, one could argue – but even with that ridiculous library there are certain aspects of the experience that just don’t get explored.

But you know where else you can go to find out the minute details of every single person’s life? Twitter. And Twitter has plenty to tell you about the real nitty-gritty of marriage. Lucky for us, it’s often really funny as well.

Read on to experience the matrimonial bliss.

10. Obvious favoritism

My love for you is limitless, I mean, yanno, within certain limits.

9. Ride on, rough rider

I mean, she got the jist of it for all in tents and purposes.


8. The circle of life

Oh no, they’ve entered the endless loop! Surely there’s no hope for them now!

7. Out of control

This is the kind of cruel and unusual punishment outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

6. You put the lime in the coconut

Are you gonna drink tequila when you get home or do you have, like, scurvy?

5. Have your cake and eat it too

Imagine a car with only one person driving it. Crazy, right?

4. The pergola

Really tough to keep up with the Joneses these days.

3. Finders keepers

One could say he’s really quite a find.


2. Lift me up

What were they all on strike?

1. No girls allowed

I’d like to hear more about these ideas.

And THAT’S what marriage is truly all about.

What’s your best piece of relationship advice?

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