I just know you’re in the mood to hoot and holler today, aren’t you?

I knew it!

Well, you’re in luck today in a major way, because these tweets definitely fit the bill.

Check them out!

1. Now you know.

That took a while…

2. Beware of the deep.

Pretty creepy out there.

3. Yes, Mother!

Pay attention!

4. This is not a good look.

Sorry you had to go through this.

5. I’m like this, too.

Are you?

6. Hahahah. Yes!

Cover it up!

7. You need this.

Good for you!

8. This is great.

Who wrote this?

9. You have them fooled.

How does that feel?

10. There you go!

Pretty much sums it up.

Now it’s your turn!

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