About once every two days, I get a phone call in which a robotic voice thanks me for “choosing Marriott hotels.” It then proceeds to tell me I’ve won something or other and that I should celebrate by sending money somewhere.

Now, I don’t say that to disparage Marriott. Clearly it’s not actually them. It’s some scam operation posing as them. And somehow, no matter how many numbers I block, it just keeps coming.

What’s a man to do?

I supposed I might try to have a little fun with it, like these people on Twitter do.

10. A fool’s errand

That oughta keep him busy for a while, I guess.

9. When you’re right, you’re right

It just feels good to be appreciated sometimes.

8. Please hold

If they’re on the line with you, they’re not scamming somebody else.

7. Bank on it

I hope it descended into a full-fledged Who’s On First routine.

6. Oops!

Yeah, suddenly this isn’t so fun, is it?

5. A call to arms

You’ve got a lotta nerve calling me right now.

4. Explosive amnesia

Very silly indeed.

3. Who scams the scammer?

Hey, Kettle? There’s a call for you. Yeah, it’s Pot again I think.

2. Getting ghosted

Well, at least she’s polite and respectful about it.

1. Flat out wrong

It’s hard work scammin’.

A lot of good ideas to try there.

How do you deal with scam calls?

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