It’s not easy being a generally introverted, anxious type of person. Most of us find our ways and our outlets where we feel comfortable breaking out of that, but we’re still probably going to wear our giant headphones as we walk around town with nothing playing in them, just to dissuade anyone from thinking we might want to interact.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to cope, and as with most things, the number one coping mechanism available to us is memes.

So let’s look at some memes courtesy of Reddit which will help us process our anxiety, anxiously.

10. Form your words

But when it DOES happen to hit right, you feel like a superhero.

Always embarrassing myself from socialanxiety

9. It’s a sign

I dunno man, pretty sure I’m imagining this right now. Aren’t you a No U-Turn sign?

Whoever made this get out of my head. from socialanxiety

8. Give me compliments

But also please don’t because I have no idea how to process them.

Uh.. from socialanxiety


7. Which is which

“You’ll worry less what people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.”

This is too real from socialanxiety

6. Here and now

It’s gonna take quite a while to prep for this.

Plus thinking about how you sounded afterwards from socialanxiety

5. The best laid plans

Why do I do this to myself? How have I not learned?

*checks excuse book* from socialanxiety

4. The cycle

You think the makers of Spongebob ever thought he’d end up getting used like this?

It’s a vicious cycle from socialanxiety

3. Sending signals

Also I don’t wanna use any apps, so just figure it out everybody.

Hope it works… from socialanxiety

2. The golden ratio

I can’t look this in the eye.

Aye, contact sucks from socialanxiety

1. Game over

Some things are just the last straw.

Thanks brain, very cool from socialanxiety

Hang in there, fellow awkward people. We’ll make our way through.

What’s your most awkward moment lately?

Tell us in the comments.