If you feel like you’ve been failing lately, chances are you’re right. Because a lot of us fail in little ways all the time. It’s just part of life. Make peace with it. Find your zen.

One way to help you make peace with it might just be realizing how much worse other people fail and create facepalm inducing scenarios on a day to day basis.

And if you need examples of just that, look no further than the friendly folks of Twitter. They’ve got the fail you need to succeed. Or something.

12. I’m a weirdo

Radiohead is one of those things I absolutely love and am simultaneously embarrassed to be a fan of, because of stuff like this.


11. Ur cute

It’s like Schrodinger’s gay over here.

10. Thank you very much

Hey, some of us still like to show some manners in this society.


9. Charcuterie

I get it man, it really is quite a big commitment.

8. Welcome to the show

Definitely crossing a line there, but how were you to know?


7. They sucks

I mean, is this the singular they though?

6. Punch it up

How people manage to put this much work in for free I’ll never understand.

5. Out with the girls

You really need to be a kept man, don’t you?


4. That bites

Ma’am I don’t want to alarm you but I think you’re raising a vampire.


3. Carpe diem

And some denim, too, while we’re out here.


2. Look at this photograph

I feel like this might just be the worst picture of an elephant possible.

1. I no it

You no it, we all no it.

If looking at those facepalms doesn’t make you feel better about your own life, then I can only assume that you’re one of these people. In which case, I apologize.

What’s the worst fail you’ve had lately?

Tell us about it in the comments.