The other day out of curiosity I tried to look up how many breeds of dogs there are. Turns out it’s not a very straightforward question to answer since genetic variation is obviously a great big spectrum that’s constantly shifting and what exactly counts as a “breed” isn’t always clear.

But whether you’d divide dogs into one category or one billion, there’s no denying that every single one of them is wonderful and precious and the best boy in the world, yes he is yes he is.

Let’s look at some memes that explore this truth.

10. The reunion

Every single day and it never ever gets old.

9. Support animals

Your call is very important to us, please don’t hang up.

8. The ultimate betrayal

I know you’re going to hurt me, but I love you too much to care.

7. Party animal

If your shindig isn’t at least this lit, don’t bother inviting me.

6. One and the same

They say couples start to look like each other as they get older.

5. The lion’s den

Why are they so determined to eat things that clearly aren’t food?

4. Capture the moment

This is me anytime I even see my pets, to be honest.

3. What’s in the box?

Special cuddle delivery, coming right up.

2. Good ol’ Shadow

I watched this all the time as a kid and I don’t know how I even handled it.

1. Lost pup

You might wanna include a phone number on there somewhere…

At the end of the day, I suppose there are really only two breeds that matter: doggo, and pupper.

What’s your dog like?

Tell us all about them in the comments.