There was a kid in middle school who everyone called Juice…because one time he spilled juice on himself…

I know, pretty dumb, right?

Folks took to Twitter to share the dumb nicknames people had at their schools.

Let’s take a look.

1. The Bills.

Could be worse, I guess…

2. Who are you, again?

Oh, the new kid…

3. Cool nickname.

Sounds like a gangster.

4. It will never end.

Some things just stick.

5. Hot wheels!

And then there’s Stripes.

6. It works!

She never lived it down.

7. The Dude.

Just go with it!

8. Just like the guy in Porky’s.

Which is a cinematic masterpiece.

9. Hey, Pants!

I knew a cat named Pants, true story!

10. The guy loved bagels.

Can you blame him?

What’s your nickname?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Please and thank you!