Parents sure can be funny about the popular things they choose to love…and to loathe.

For example, my dad, who is in his 70s, LOVES Snoop Dogg.

Who saw that one coming?!?! Not me!

And today we’re gonna hear from people who put their parents on blast for not liking certain pop culture things…for some reason.

Here we go!

1. No dice.

Dad’s not hearing it.

2. A hot take.

Haven’t heard that one before.

3. Trying to hide it from you.

You see right through him.

4. Team Jennifer.

People got worked up about that.

5. I don’t get this one.

That voice!

6. Devil music.

You’re going to HELL!

7. Oh, they’re fine.

It’s Madonna I’m worried about…

8. Lots of teeth.

Enough with the teeth!

9. I wonder why…

What’s wrong with her?

10. Both are very popular.

You just never know…

Do your parents do stuff like this?

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