Have you been having a bad day? On a scale from 1-10, just how bad would you say that it is? Uh-huh. Interesting. You poor thing.

Well, not to one-up you, but I think we might be about to do just that, via a bunch of posts that Reddit people brought to the internet’s attention.

Each of these is a tale of woe Shakespeare himself could not construct on his dreariest day. It’s the kind of carnage that R.R. Martin would shy away from. It’s worse than Twilight.

Here are ten people who are absolutely positively having a no good, very bad day.

10. Nuts and bolts

Precision is like, really important in science, it turns out.

In 2003, a technician forgot to log that he had removed 24 bolts during the maintenance of the NOAA-19 satellite, causing the satellite to fall over and costing $135,000,000 in damages.
byu/here_for_fun_XD inWellthatsucks

9. Color me surprised

When I said new paint job, this isn’t what I meant.

Pro-tip: When transporting paint makes sure it is properly secured. Especially if you are driving in a $90,000 Maserati.
byu/Mr_PoodlePants inWellthatsucks

8. Egg-cellent

So um. Are you gonna eat that?

Accidentally left my easter egg in the sun. Still sealed!
byu/Giagus inWellthatsucks

7. Sparkle motion

All that glitters really isn’t gold.

Nothing better to start your morning than dropping a full jar of glitter
byu/Jordydex inWellthatsucks

6. The crop top

Oof, that’s gonna be there for a while.

Never bake cookies in a crop top
byu/SaraBear250 inWellthatsucks

5. Let’s check

Hey, at least now you have your answer and your curiosity is satisfied.

Never stick your head in a hole on a tree to “just see what’s in it”.
byu/Elua7 inWellthatsucks

4. The pill mix up

For those of you who can’t read the fine print, the one of the right is a laxative.

I took some aspirin when I was tired it was really late at night. I realized an hour later that what I took was not aspirin.
byu/KatOfTheEssence inWellthatsucks

3. Think again

Go bold, tell everybody it’s the new thing, see if they follow.
Fashion is meaningless anyway.

Ever thought about hiring a cheap barber from craigslist? Think again.
byu/Maklo_Never_Forget inWellthatsucks

2. Setting the bar high

Well that’s one way to keep people out.

Tried to hang a curtain over my front door, but didn’t realize what I did until I stepped back.
byu/cdcarson99 infacepalm

1. You’re fired


Somebody’s getting fired…
byu/5_Frog_Margin inWellthatsucks

Pretty bad days there. But also I clipped my fingernail slightly too short earlier, so, I’d say it’s an 11-way tie overall.

What’s been your worst bad day lately?

Tell us in the comments.