Have you ever had a job that you wanted to quit so bad it became the thing you fantasized about all the time?

Like, gone were all the day dreams of riches or fame or exotic vacations or beautiful partners, suddenly the dream you most reached for was just telling your boss to shove it?

Well, it looks like some of these folks brought to us by Reddit might have felt the same, as they didn’t just quit, but quit with a flourish. Because if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing theatrically.

10. Watching the clock

He knew it would be forever before you had to change that battery.

A co-worker posted pictures of himself in random places when he quit. This is the back of a clock, and he quit 2 years ago.
byu/CaptainCatchem infunny

9. Going extinct

I like the look on the dinosaur’s face. Like he doesn’t wanna get involved in this.

Best way to quit a job (X-post from doodles)
byu/An_Arrogant_Ass infunny

8. The meaning of life

So sad that it should come to this.

For this Towel Day: Here is how I quit my last job. Sorry for the low picture quality.
byu/JTSnidely infunny

7. Retaliation

There’s so much going on here and I’d like to know about all of it, please.

My coworker went all Wet Seal on our boss today.
byu/JordanAsshole inpics

6. Into the great beyond

That is subtle. I wonder how long it took them to notice.

Saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond.
byu/mastranios infunny

5. To whom it may concern

I would have added “dictated but not read” just for a little razzle dazzle.

My ex-manager wouldn’t give me my last paycheck without a resignation letter…
byu/Swinging_Phallus infunny

4. Breaking point

At least you’re leaving them with something nice to remember you by.

Look what my coworker and I left on the break room table today
byu/dudeperson33 infunny

3. I’m not mad

I think you forgot the passive part of the passive aggressive thing you were going for.

I quit my job today…
byu/Leviathin infunny

2. Put it on the whiteboard

This isn’t a quitting note, this is a whole manifesto.

fb friend posted his resignation white board
byu/downvotes____really inpics

1. A long road ahead

Is that allowed?

This is how you quit.
byu/Slappyjay infunny

Nothing beats quitting. The next day though…?

Have you ever quit a job in style?

Tell us about it in the comments.