Some people have cool nicknames and some don’t…it’s just the way life goes.

Think about it this way: would you rather be called Lazer because you are awesome or have folks call you Dips**t because you’re not too bright?

I think you know the correct answer…

Check out these funny tweets about people who had pretty silly nicknames.

1. Mr. Words.

That one hurts.

2. College boy.

Mr. Smarty Pants.

3. Wearing it with pride.

You sound pretty bright…

4. Mr. Parsnips.

At least you sound healthy.

5. I’m your buckaroo!

That was a big mistake.

6. Hey, it’s The Fonz!

Kids are ruthless.

7. Super Mario!

That one hurts…

8. It backfired on you.

Where’s your band?

9. I found Waldo!

That took a while.

10. Problems with the spaceship.

Take me to your leader.

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What’s your nickname?

And how did you get it?

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