Back when Charles Darwin was doing his research and piecing together the framework that would ultimately form the bedrock of evolutionary theory, he had one big problem on his hands.

He knew, like everyone did, that humans and animals alike passed traits on from parent to offspring. And he further knew – as fewer had noticed – that these traits give survival advantages and disadvantages in different environments, which ultimately turn little changes in the short term into huge morphs in the long-term.

But what he DIDN’T know what just HOW this was happening. “Genetics” wasn’t a term yet. We didn’t really get the mechanism for HOW we looked like our dad. We just kinda expected that to be the case, and thought it was a sort of magic.

And in a way, we were right. Sure, we’ve got a much better understanding now of genes and DNA and all that jazz, but it IS still a sort of magic to compare yourself to your parents. It’s a bond. And it’s one that these Redditors are reveling in.

10. The niece is nice

One of them looks a little more tired of your crap though.

My dad holding his niece, Mariam, in 2001 vs me holding my niece, also named Mariam, in 2020.
byu/LCInc inpics

9. 30 years in the making

What are these two up to?

My father and I at same age, 30 years apart (1600×900)
byu/Srealzyman inpics

8. Stylin’

Well dang, get out there and mix it up boys.

My dad (1985ish?) and I (NYE2017)
byu/that1guysittingthere inPastAndPresentPics

7. The laugh

Well that is just pure.

My dads laugh (1980’s) vs mine (2018)
by inOldSchoolCool

6. 12 vs 12

What a great little smile.

i think it’s fun to look at my dad at 12 vs me at 12
byu/hi_im_kai101 inmildlyinteresting

5. Side by side

Yo dude! How are you hugging into the past like that??

My Dad on the right – 1980’s. vs Me on the left – 2015
by inOldSchoolCool

4. Nine months

He’s got the keys to my heart.

Left side: my son at 9 months in 2018, Right side: me at 9 months in 1989
byu/BeccaTheWreckahhh inPastAndPresentPics

3. Ol’ granddad

You’re even wearing the same shirt, it looks like.

I look exactly like my grandfather when he was my age.
byu/ImaBrokeAssCracka inmildlyinteresting

2. The yearbook


Me vs. My mom’s yearbook photo (1977)
byu/dontknowcats inOldSchoolCool

1. The freshman

Oh yeah, I can see it.

My high school picture freshman year in 2004 next to my dad’s senior picture in 1975
byu/easily-distrac inPastAndPresentPics

What a great little thing to celebrate.

How much do you look like your parents?

Describe it in the comments.